How I Manifest ✨ ANYTHING ✨ In 4 Easy Steps

When I first started exploring topics related to spirituality, manifestation was every crystal girl's favorite buzz word. Everyone had a different method and quite honestly, the whole thing sounded silly to me. How could I manifest whatever I wanted? How could I get what I wanted from the Universe by simply asking? *SpongeBob voice* Sounds like a lot of hoopla to me.


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If you don't get this beloved SpongeBob reference, prayers to you. 


Nevertheless, I tried to manifest anyways. Over and over again, I wrote down the things I desired: a new apartment, my dream job, stable relationships, instruments, more income, etc. And…I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT NEARLY EVERYTHING I'VE MANIFESTED HAS COME TO ME. I mean this with all sincerity. Those things I've manifested that haven't arrived, I can guarantee to you: they're on the way.


So, how did I do it? Here are 4 EASY manifestation steps that helped me craft the life I desire and a corresponding worksheet for your journey. I guarantee that these steps will work for you.


Step 1: Envision whatever you're manifesting and connect with it emotionally.

For me, this looks like visualizing whatever I'm manifesting during a meditation session. For others, this could be journaling about what you're manifesting, using as much detail as possible. Some people even create manifestation boards to keep as their screensavers (I am some people).


The key to this, however, is ensuring you're emotionally drawn into the vision. Really ask yourself, "How will receiving/experiencing this thing make me feel? What emotions will come out of it?" Try your very best to tap into those feelings as they connect us to the deepest desires of our Higher Self. Get in tune with your senses to help this visual come to life.


When I was searching for an apartment in 2020, I visualized myself within my dream space. I saw the beautiful paintings and poems that would adorn my walls. I smelled sweet candle scents and heard the sounds of ducks from a nearby pond. Would you believe that this was exactly what I ended up with? I saw my dream -- then I lived it. *Plays Solange's "I saw thingsssss, I imagined…"*


 Here's a photo of me sitting on the balcony of the apartment I manifested. You can see the lake in the background. It was truly my palace of peace. 


Start with envisioning whatever you're trying to manifest and revisit this vision as much as you'd like. You could even put a vision board or sticky note up in your bedroom so you're constantly reminded of this vision. I love envisioning my dreams as it gives me the fuel to put action behind them, which takes me to our next step…


Step 2: Create a loose plan for how you could reach this manifestation.

Let me start by saying, you'll never have it all figured out. *Laughs in perfectionist.* That is not how life works. I'd also like to say, you can't depend on the Universe to hand you what you want without any action. Life may work like that, but that sure as hell doesn't work for me. A plan, even a messy one, will take you far.


Even if this plan has only 4-5 steps, you just need a starting point -- something to lean into.


I manifested my dream job in 2021: a social media marketing position at one of the leading advertising agencies globally. My plan only had 4 steps: revise resume --> apply to 5 jobs a day --> reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn --> interview. Within a month, I'd secured a position that I didn't even remember applying for and it has been better than any role I'd ever imagined. This was after I didn't land a social media marketing job at my previous company (a blessing in disguise). The Universe will bless you in ways you would not have imagined, with a little action and a lot of faith.


Here's a tip too -- don't over-plan. Over-planning is procrastination. Write down those major steps and get to it. A good rule of thumb is to spend 25% of your time planning and 75% of your time acting!


Step 3: Keep your vibration high!

You know all about good vibes; YOU literally embody these. High vibrations are associated with feelings like gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, peace. Low vibrations, on the other-hand, are hatred, envy, depression, etc. In essence, when you vibrate high, you are better at attracting your manifestations (and blessings overall)!


How to Become the Best Version of Yourself by Raising Your VibrationThe point is to stay within flow and ultimate consciousness. We're reaching for enlightenment. 


Whenever I'm in good spirits -- practicing gratitude, remaining balanced, moving with love, and at peace -- I am more likely to attract opportunities. I am more likely to pass a smile to a stranger that just might be the key to my manifestation. I am open to receiving blessings, rather than blocking them through negativity.


You can keep your vibration high through daily affirmations, meditation, daily journaling, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices. Consistency is key.


Step 4: You MUST persevere and trust in the universe. Keep going!

This is where people fuck up. As humans, we have a tendency to be impatient. We want our dreams to come true right now. Impatience is not a high vibration.

You MUST keep dreaming. You MUST keep working through your plan. And you definitely MUST make a conscious effort to vibrate high. Some of my manifestations arrived within weeks. Others took months. Patience is a virtue as the Universe is always preparing you for your blessings.


Some of my manifestations arrived within weeks to months. Some took a year or so. Others haven't arrived yet. I am patient as I know the Universe is preparing me for my blessings. 


Sometimes your manifestations may come in a different way than what you expected. I know people that had to lose their job or home, before receiving their dream job or home. There's pain wrapped into these experiences, but every miracle doesn't come with a pretty bow on top. Understand that when shit hits the fan, it's usually because your win is on the way. Stay up, always!


Thanks for reading my article! Don't forget to grab the corresponding worksheet for your manifestation needs. :)

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